General Musings

And.. we’re back… again

This is probably the third time I have started to rebuild this site. The first time was just as Sims 4 was coming out and I, honestly, got disillusioned pretty fast once the game launched.   There were things I really liked and things I really didn’t.  I got annoyed and lost interest really fast.  I vacillated between Sims 3 and Sims 4 — I’d play one and miss things from the other.

Eventually, enough things happened, changed, that the balance shifted and I started playing Sims 4 more often — between custom content, game packs, expansions, and toddlers (finally), my imagination really kicked in.

But still, not enough to really rejoin the creators in making things and sharing things.  Until recently (does a year count as recently?).

Between Paralives really showing progress and even more content (and really good MODs) for the Sims 4 and whispers of Sims 5 — the “what-if” muse in my head has been dancing around quite happy to dream up ideas — ways the Sims could be “perfect.”

What to expect:

Alot of this blog, especially until I have built out some custom features, will likely be rants and musings. A place for me to put down all the things I wish I could see in The Sims.

Thanks for joining me!