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After last night’s debate, I need a break from this world…

Did you watch the American Presidential debate last night? I did and I regret it. It was an exercise in futility and left me stressed, frustrated, disappointed, and angry. And it reminded me just how “sucky” the world is right now.

Every feel the need for a better world…

Of course you do — if you are anything like me. Most of the time, I work for that better world. Sometimes, though, I just want a bit of escape. I usually find that by reading books or writing my own stories or by playing a good game. A lot of time that game its some version of the Sims. And playing, for me, also includes creation — custom content or mods (not so good at the mods yet.)

Personally, I have four saved games: a base save (I really need a better name), Denighall, a backstory Wizarding World, and GFFA.

My favorites and current obsessions are creating some fleshed out base saves, houses, and families. For example, I am currently rebuilding and documenting the Goth family. I started by first creating Victor and Samuel Goth (and their parents) and worked my way up to the current generation. I have portraits, pictures, achievements, etc. of each generation.

I am having a lot of fun filling in the history of the various neighborhoods. I can’t wait to share them.


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